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Pony Saddle or Full-Size Saddle

Ponies are special little horses, and they deserve to be cared for the same as you're larger varieties. But deciding whether your pony can pack a full-size saddle or needs a specific pony saddle, is all according to the size of your pony.


Ponies come in just about the same variety as large horses, some of them will be fine boned and petite, others will be heavier boned with a lot of muscle. So before choosing a saddle for your pony, it's important to determine the type of pony you're going to be riding.

The other consideration that may come into whether you use a full-size horse saddle, or a pony saddle, will be the size of the rider. The pony saddle seat is especially suited for those very small riders that usually weigh under 80 pounds. Any larger than that, and there's a good chance the pony saddle is not going to distribute the weight appropriately. Many ponies are sturdily built and can easily pack a heavier rider, but they need an appropriate fitting saddle in order to do so safely.

If you're concerned about your pony, especially if you're having behavior issues, you might want to check fit of your pony saddle. If the saddle is too tight in the shoulders, it's going to pinch your pony causing him to become frustrated, and possibly even angry. This behavior can lead to other problems with the pony, after all, ponies are very intelligent, and once they start giving a child a problem, it can lead to dangerous behaviors. So make sure that your pony saddle whether it's a full-size adult saddle or a pony saddle fits your pony appropriately.

If you must make a full-size saddle fit a pony, make sure that you have the appropriate cinch. Without the proper fitting cinch, there's a good chance the saddle can roll right off of the pony. As a rule, many ponies are very round, and if the cinch is not fitted appropriately, the saddle can roll completely to the side easily. If you find that no matter how tight you tighten your cinch on your saddle, the pony saddle or the full-size saddle is still rolling off the back of your pony, you're going to need a few adjustments.

So before putting a child or even a young adult on a pony make sure that you have the appropriate saddle. Whether it's a pony saddle or full-size saddle it needs to fit appropriately and distribute the weight evenly. Make sure that you have the proper cinch, the proper pads, and make sure that the saddle will not roll. Remember, even these small horses need the proper care and the proper fitting saddle.

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