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Orthopedic Saddles and Pads

In the competition world keeping your horse comfortable is one of the most important aspects of your competition. In fact, your horse can become sore, perform badly, have focusing problems, and actually develop bad behaviors with an ill fitting saddle.


Orthopedics saddles and pads are now available in order to keep your competition horse more comfortable. These types of saddles and equipment are made specifically to keep your horse's movement as free as possible.

The old days of saddle sores, cinch sores, as well as sore backs and shoulders are gone. There is no longer any reason to allow these types of injuries to happen to your horse. If you notice that your horse has a wet sweaty back except for dry spots, is growing white hairs in the saddle area, or has actual saddle sores, it's time to do a bit of research. Your competition horse is an important aspect to your sport, and having them perform with an ill fitting saddle is not only painful to the horse, but can actually cause debilitating and long-lasting physical problems.

If you notice that you are having behavioral issues when you ride your horse, make sure to check your saddle fit. If your horse acts up when you first mount up even after lunging, and yet settles down within a half hour or more, there's a good chance the sore spots from your saddle are becoming numb. Today, you can find orthopedics pads and saddles that can keep your competition horse comfortable and functioning at maximum efficiency. In other words, while you spent thousands of dollars on horse feed and care, you might decide to spend a bit on the saddle and the pads you are using.

As more research is done on how horse moves, the saddles and pads that are offered today are becoming more comfortable for the horses. It really doesn't matter what type of sport you're doing, there are specific saddles that are made for that sport that allow freedom of shoulder movement, the freedom to round the back comfortably, as well as the freedom to take larger strides. It's important if you're competing that your horse is as comfortable as possible, orthopedics saddles and orthopedic pads can make a real difference in your competition performance.

Look to the newest technology, do a bit of research on orthopedic pads and saddles for your competition horse and see if you don't compete better. You'll find your horse is calmer, more focused, has more freedom of movement, as well as recovers quicker from the sport itself. It's well worth the money spent to make sure that your horses is as comfortable as possible, and with all the new technology developing, you're bound to find an answer to your horses saddle problems.

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